HAIRSTYLE từ lâu đã là một chủ đề rất hot đối với giới trẻ ngày nay, đặc biệt trong IELTS Speaking Part 1. Đây có thể là sở đoản với nhiều bạn vì vốn hiểu biết về từ vựng, mẫu câu về chủ đề này còn khá hạn hẹp. Vì thế, WISE English gửi đến các bạn: 7 CÂU TRẢ LỜI MẪU CHO SPEAKING PART 1 – HAIRSTYLE

I. What’s your favourite hairstyle?

Kiểu tóc bạn thích là gì

→I don’t actually have a favorite hairstyle these days. But approximately 3 years ago, I used to be a big fan of the undercut style which was compatible with my round face. However, at the present, I don’t really care much, so I just let the barber do whatever he wants.

  • Be compatible with sth /kəmˈpætəbl/: able to exist or be used together without causing problems: → hợp, tương thích, hòa hợp với nhau
  • Let sb do sth: allow, cause sb to do sth: →cho phép ai làm gì đó

II. Do you care about hairstyles?

Definitely yes! As somebody who always keeps on top of fashion, I have to admit that my hair has to stay in immaculate condition as well as up-to-date in style and trend; that’s why it takes me quite long to sort myself out in the morning. Generally speaking, I like my hair to be stylish and trendy.

  • Keep on top of: to stay well-informed about the status of someone or something: →cập nhật về, bắt xu hướng (thường về thời trang,…)
  • Stay in immaculate condition /ɪˈmækjələt kənˈdɪʃn/: perfectly clean and tidy, containing no mistakes or faults: →trong trạng thái hoàn hảo
  • Up-to-date /ˌʌp tə ˈdeɪt/: modern; fashionable, having or including the most recent information: → cập nhật xu hướng mới nhất
  • Sort oneself out: to make oneself presentable; to fix one’s appearance: →sửa soạn tóc tai, diện mạo

III. Do you always have that kind of hairstyle?

No, every now and again, I change my hairstyle to have a different look. I think it’s kind of dull if I have the same hairstyle all year round. Having a new hairstyle is refreshing and at the same time liberating.

  • (Every) now and again (Idioms): from time to time; occasionally:thỉnh thoảng
  • Dull /dʌl/: boring, not interesting or exciting in any way: →chán, không còn thú vị hấp dẫn nữa
  • Liberating /ˈlɪb.ə.reɪ.t ɪŋ/: getting out of a comfort zone: →tự do hành động, vượt qua ranh giới an toàn của mình

IV. Do you go to a barber’s shop or hair salon?

Oftentimes I have my haircut in a hair salon since there are various hairstylists in there who are really knowledgeable about styling my hair. They know what hairstyle is most suitable for me, not only that, they have other services such as hair coloring, hair rebonding, hair waving, and so on.

They can suggest or give professional advice on how to make my hair look great.

  • Oftentimes /ˈɔːfntaɪmz/ or /ˈɔːftəntaɪmz/ so many times → thường xuyên

– Cách bạn dùng một trạng ngữ đầu câu sẽ giúp bạn ghi điểm cao với giám khảo đấy nhé!

thay vì dùng often hay many times (đã quá common), ai cũng nói được, chúng ta hãy dùng oftentimes để cho câu được unique hơn, nghe lạ tai hơn nhé !

  • Be knowledgeable about sth knowing a lot → có kiến thức về cái gì
  • Give advice on /ɡɪv ədˈvaɪs ɑːn/ → offer an opinion about what you should do or how you should act in a particular situation → đưa ra lời khuyên về

V. Was there a time that you felt disappointed of your hairstyle?

Yes and that was so heartbreaking! I consider it as a nightmare. I remember I wanted to have a fringe since it was so trendy during my high school days but what I got was a hair disaster. I got an uneven fringe and it was shorter than what I wanted. I believe, that hairdresser was unprofessional.

  • Heartbreaking/ˈhɑːrtbreɪkɪŋ/ causing extremely sadness → đau lòng, buồn đến tận cùng
  • Nightmare /ˈnaɪtmer/ a very upsetting and frightening dream → cơn ác mộng
  • Fringe /frɪndʒ/ bang, the front part of somebody’s hair that is cut so that it hangs over their forehead

→tóc mái, để mái

  • Uneven /ʌnˈiːvn/ → not following a regular pattern; not having a regular size and shape → không đồng đều

VI. How long have you had your current haircut?

Well, actually, I don’t change my hair that often. I believe that the last time was about four years ago. I tried a shorter look back then, but I eventually grew tired of it. Now I like to try a new hair color which is trendy these days, but I don’t think I have enough time for it.

  • Eventually /ɪˈventʃuəli/ in the end, especially after a long time or a lot of effort, problems, etc

→ cuối cùng (=finally)

(Tôi cảm thấy hơi khó khăn trong việc tiếp thu lời của cô giáo, nhưng cuối cùng tôi đã bị mất tập trung)

  • Grow tired of sth to get bored, have no interest in sth

→chóng chán, mất hứng thú vào cái gì

  • Enough /ɪˈnʌf/ as much as is necessary; in the amount or to the degree needed:

→ đầy đủ, đủ lượng cần

***Lưu ý: Enough luôn đi với giới từ “For”

VII. How often do you have a haircut?

ielts speaking
Bạn có đi cắt tóc thường xuyên không?

Well, let me see … my hair takes a little long time grow, so if I want to have some renovations, it should take about two or three months. I’ve just had it done earlier this month, and so far I’m quite satisfied with it because I got it permed, and I like it looking wavy.

  • Renovation/ˌrenəˈveɪʃn/ the act or process of repairing and painting an old building, piece of furniture, etc. so that it is in good condition again

→ sự cải tạo, cải tiến

  • Have sth done talk about someone doing something for us which we ask or instruct them to do.

→ yêu cầu, hướng dẫn, sắp đặt để người khác làm việc gì đó cho chúng ta

  • Be satisfied with sth /ˈsæt .ɪs.faɪd/ pleased because you have got what you wanted, or because something has happened in the way that you wanted

→ hài lòng với cái gì

***Lưu ý: be satisfied + giới từ with

  • Wavy /ˈweɪvi/ → having curves; not straight

→ xoăn, quắn, không được thẳng

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