WISE gửi tặng bạn chủ đề "TELEVISION" trong IELTS SPEAKING – Part 1

Câu hỏi:
1. How much TV do you (usually) watch?
2. What’s your favourite TV programme?
3. Did you watch much TV when you were a child?(How much?)
4. What(types of) programmes did you watch when you were a child?
5. Do you think television has changed in the past few decades?
6. (Possibly) Do you think television has changed since you were a child?
7. Has television changed your life in any way?
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Câu trả lời mẫu: 
Seldom. I only turn on the TV to watch the football match on weekends. That is once a week. I am a big fan of football so I watch a lot of football matches. It’s exciting and entertaining to see how players push their limits to win the games. Besides, I enjoy watching movies, especially when I connect my computer to the TV screen and watch the High Definition movies on bed, it is really enjoyable at night. Lately I have tried to watch the BBC programmes, because it is all in English and it can improve my listening for my IELTS exams.
Oh, yes, I was a really a couch potato when I was a little boy. When on weekends, my parents went out to do other things, I was left alone at home with TV all day long. Therefore, I was deeply obsessed with various TV programmes, even including the adverts. I can still remember the favourite cartoons like Transformer, Tom and Jerry, Dragon Ball, etc, which all went along through my childhood.
Yes, as the techniques have advanced in these years, the TV has also developed a lot. They have become thinner and clearer to be exact. I remembered that old TV screen was made with plasma panel, making the whole TV heavy and big. Then the LCD technology and the LED display come out lately, making the TV thinner and lighter while we can enjoy brighter and clearer programmes.
I believe that watching TV has benefited me in some ways, as well as bringing me some detrimental consequences. Watching TV programmes had enabled me to broaden my vision as I was born and raised in a small county and there were many places and things I had no opportunities to experience. But the TV had helped me to
see them. But spending too much time in front of TV also made me addicted to it and did harm to my eyes unfortunately. So I had to wear glasses since middle school
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